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Wide Open Spaces: Volga River Campgrounds
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Wide Open Spaces: Volga River Campgrounds

At the end of the 2013 school year, my son and I were making summer plans. One thing included in our list was to spend more time outdoors. This included camping. We wanted to feel the full effects of our venture by camping in a tent and weathering the elements. We bought a small two or three person tent and tried to decide which campground we’d go to first. I had always heard good things about Volga Lake Recreational Center. Besides being close, it had many options, including the fact that it is an equestrian camp ground. Owning horses, this especially interested me. We paid for five days of camping at the primitive campground, which was for tent camping.

The primitive campground was next to the equestrian camp ground, which made me even more excited about our camping experience. The first day, we put up our tent and set up our camping area, which included lawn chairs, leashes for our dogs, fishing poles, extra clothes, and a cooler full of food. Four days was obviously not long enough to explore all that the camping grounds had to offer. Along with several walking and bike trails, the campgrounds had equestrian trails, the lake, and of course people to visit. Volga River ran through the park, so if people didn’t want to fish at the lake, they could fish at the river.

Friendly smiles and faces were everywhere as others enjoyed their camping get-a-ways. As we drove by the lake, you could see boats of all kinds. Some carried people fishing, while others carried people who seemed to enjoy the wide spread of water and sunshine. After this, we visited the campground near the lake with all of the modern day camping trailers lined up in a neat row. Most of them had awnings up, along with lawn chairs or other outdoor furniture to sit on, so as to possibly visit with other campers, friends or family. In the midst of all of this was the beauty of our surroundings. Different varieties of trees, plants, and wildflowers were plentiful. It was a bird watchers paradise! The trails were well maintained, as was the lake and the campground, itself. On the way to the lake, from the primitive campground, there was the Daytime Equestrian Area for horseback riders that just wanted to ride for the day.

I also noticed a small picnic area along side of the road and next to Volga River for anyone interested in staying at the campgrounds for only a couple of hours, whether it be fishing or picnicking. This campground has so much to offer too everyone, it would be a shame if one didn’t at least visit for one day to get a taste of such beauty and wide open spaces. I promise, you will want to go back! At the end of our fourth day, my son and I were both exhausted! We went home a day early because of rain in the forecast, but our experience at Volga Lake Campground will be a memory that will last a lifetime and it will definitely be a place we plan to visit again and again.

  1. Houdeeny
    Very cool! I am planning a trip there this fall to do a little backpacking when things quiet down a bit. Did you get a chance to hike any of the trails?
    1. Kimberly Bright
      Kimberly Bright
      I went on a few walking trails. They were awesome! You are gonna love it! I also went on several riding trails. I did have my horse hauled to the campgrounds for a couple of days also! :) Have fun!

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