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Wide Open Spaces: Perfect Weather for Horseback Riding
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Wide Open Spaces: Perfect Weather for Horseback Riding

Fall is in the air! I think that the cooler temperatures and the sporadic rain is a welcoming change compared to the 100 degree weather we had just a short time ago. I’ve always loved the fall season with weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. It’s too cold for bugs and mosquitos, yet too warm for heavy winter clothing. Hunting seasons are beginning to open up. Farmers and gardeners are harvesting their crops, and it is great weather for horseback riding. With so much going on during this season, it is important for all of us to realize that we all have to take extra precautions. Hunting season should make us aware that we are not the only ones in the woods. Hunters must be careful to know when to pull that trigger or let an arrow fly.

Not only are there horseback riders, but walkers, joggers, bikers and hikers. Another point to remember about horseback riding is that the majority of accidents are caused by the rider or the equipment used to ride their horse. All riders must take care that they are using a proper saddle, bridle, bit and blanket while riding their horse. All of this equipment and how comfortable it is to the horse will depend on how your horse behaves while riding him. Along with horse equipment and rider, oncoming traffic should be considered.

Drivers of vehicles should slow down for people who are riding their horses on the road and give the rider and horse plenty of time to adjust to oncoming or passing vehicles. No driver should be in that big of a hurry that they may cause danger to another living thing because they don’t want to take the time to slow down. It only takes seconds of your driving time to consider what else might be on the road. An accident might be avoided, and maybe even a death. I know these words may sound harsh, but no one likes to hear of a loss, especially a loss due to negligence or carelessness. We must all realize that there is enough wide open space for all of us to enjoy the, roads, the woods and the land if we also share mutual respect.

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