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Wide Open Spaces: The Country Pond
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Wide Open Spaces: The Country Pond

About a month ago, a friend told me about a delightful older couple, who owned some acreage outside of Arlington. He had known the couple for a while, but had never been to their acreage before. They invited him to come over and fish at their pond which happened to be a fourteen acre rock quarry. As he told me about this haven, my own interest in the land prompted me to visit the couple myself.

I expected a picture of outdoor beauty as so much of Iowa is, but I was awestruck by the particular beauty of this very fortunate couple’s land. I do not even know if I have the words to describe the magnificence of the property. The pond appeared to be an endless pool of water. I saw no algae floating to the top, as sometimes happens in smaller ponds. Actually, the pond looked more like a lake. Branches from weeping willow trees hung over the water, making it appear like a rare painting of an untouched land. Butterflies and dragonflies flitted around the numerous plants that grew on the banks of the water. Along with the willow, were numerous other types of trees, both deciduous and coniferous.

Along with flowers that the owner had planted herself, were a variety of wildflowers that grew in groves and blew softly in the summer wind. I could tell that this couple was very eco-friendly. They had planted numerous trees themselves and had put several birdhouses up for the many types of birds that frequent their small paradise. They also had bird feeders and bird baths for the birds to enjoy. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the different species of wildlife that must live in and around the pond. What a safe haven it must be to them.

When asked about what kind of fish the pond had in it, the couple said it had everything from carp, catfish, bluegill, and bass. Not only did the land leave me awestruck, but the couple’s willingness to share the land, left me just as inspired. After allowing me to take several pictures, I finally went back and visited with them. We sat on their porch which overlooked the massive body of water, and the wife told me how she and her husband had moved away from Iowa for a period of time. When they returned, she had forgotten the beauty of Iowa and exclaimed, “Why did we ever leave Iowa? It is the most beautiful state there is!”

After seeing this precious place, I would have to agree with her!

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